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Graduate Schemes

Graduate schemes 2021

Graduate schemes have always been a popular choice for students coming out of university, but what makes a good grad

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HMO: how to keep tenants longer

An HMO (house in multiple occupation) can be a great investment but managing shared tenancies can be tricky. Not only

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student laptop

Student laptop – which one is right for me?

Choosing a good student laptop is an important part of university, but how do you know which one to buy?

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5 top issues landlords face: and how to fix them

Landlord numbers have hit the lowest levels since 2012, however, tenant demand remains strong. Many landlords have felt the full

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general election

Election agenda for students

On Thursday 6th May the UK elections take place, but what is the election agenda for students? Here, we look

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HMO Norwich

HMO Landlords facing tough fines

HMO Norwich Most investors know that an HMO can make superb investments. However, the path isn’t always a straightforward one,

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London no longer the no1 place to live in the UK

It’s not surprising that Covid has changed where and how we want to live our lives. We now have a

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Uni return date delayed

This week’s announcement that the uni return date has been delayed was a hard blow for students. This comes as

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property market

Property market: house prices hit record high

Latest figures revealed by Halifax House Price Index show house prices hit a record high jumping 1.1% year on year.

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lockdown roadmap

Lockdown roadmap

As we enter April we are faced with the positive news of the new lockdown roadmap in the UK. The

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