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Afghans – Council looking for private landlords

Around the world the crisis facing Afghans is heart-breaking, and councils are now looking to private landlords for support. On

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Are letting agents really charging for viewings?

As any letting agent will understand, ‘no-shows’ are a common frustration, but is charging for viewings the answer? Since the

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freshers week

Freshers week – how to enjoy it Covid style

Starting university is rarely easy for students, traditionally freshers week is one of the most talked-about social gatherings. Meeting new

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student results day

A level results day 2021

A-level results day was expected to look very different with exams cancelled for a second time due to the pandemic.

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student vaccines

Student vaccines – get rich quick scheme?

The UK government have been pushing student vaccines as a priority as the return to studying is looming in September.

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boiler checks

Boiler cover: do landlords need it?

When it comes to looking after boilers, landlords have a legal responsibility to keep servicing and maintenance up to date.

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student vaccination

Non-vaccinated students could face ban

Boris Johnson is pushing new plans to ensure only fully vaccinated students get to attend lectures or stay in halls.

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Awarding grades in 2021

Earlier this year the government laid out how they will be awarding grades to students this summer. The pandemic has

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Graduate Schemes

Graduate schemes 2021

Graduate schemes have always been a popular choice for students coming out of university, but what makes a good grad

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HMO: how to keep tenants longer

An HMO (house in multiple occupation) can be a great investment but managing shared tenancies can be tricky. Not only

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