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Tenants in Tier 4 Covid

Tenants in Tier 4 Covid restrictions

Letting agents have been told that their priority must be the safety of their tenants in Tier 4 Covid restrictions.

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tier 4 rental market

Tier 4 rental market

The government have confirmed that the rental market remains open for business even in new English Tier 4 areas.  Some

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housing market 2021

Housing market 2021

As we near the end of 2020, here’s a look at the expectations of the housing market 2021. The UK

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Winter lockdown

Universities have been in the firing line alongside schools in the recent decision to impose a winter lockdown. Although tough

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Coronavirus: will universities returning cause a second wave?

Universities across the UK are being urged to remove face-to-face teaching to prevent a second wave of coronavirus. The Academics

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Freshers Week

Freshers Week – Covid Style

One of the best parts of starting university is undoubtedly Freshers’ Week. It’s a week-long bout of activities, socialising, and

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Tenancies are on the rise

Finally, some good news within the lettings industry, new tenancies appear to have bounced back to pre-pandemic levels. The DPS

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letting agent

Common letting agent myths

It’s common for a letting agent to get bad press. Here, we look at dispelling the myths and looking at

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letting agent fees

Letting agent fees for tenants

The UK government banned letting agent fees for new or renewed tenancy agreements from the 1st June 2019. The aim

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