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home for christmas

Home for Christmas – where will students be this year?

The pandemic continues to leave students wondering if they will be home for Christmas, another blow from this relentless virus.

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If you’re about to start university, then you will have heard a lot about campus or ‘campus life’. But what

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Freshers Week

Freshers Week – Covid Style

One of the best parts of starting university is undoubtedly Freshers’ Week. It’s a week-long bout of activities, socialising, and

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Golden Triangle Norwich

Norwich is a wonderful place to live, and the Golden Triangle in Norwich is still one of the most favoured

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students union

Students Union – what do they do?

Many people wonder what the purpose of a students union is and how they benefit the everyday student. Well, it

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student accommodation norwich

Student accommodation Norwich

Norwich is certainly a ‘fine city’ and there’s never been a better time to find student accommodation in Norwich. The

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