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rent increase

Rent increase

The rental market has been turbulent for the last few years, and rent increase is predicted to continue in 2022.

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property management

Property Management

As an experienced or new landlord, one of the biggest decisions to make is whether to hire a property management

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Letting legislation

Letting legislation – what is it?

The letting legislation governs the rules that landlords must adhere to; however, these rules are a forever moving target. It

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student mental health

Student mental health matters

Since the pandemic, student mental health has been a priority across the UK with a whole host of support from

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cost of living package

Cost of living package – who will benefit?

In the last few months energy prices have soared at an exceptional rate resulting in rishi sunak announcing a cost-of-living

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tenants rights

Tenants rights – tips and advice

If you’re a tenant, or looking to become one, you will at some point want to know your tenants rights.

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build to rent uk

Build to rent UK

Build to Rent UK (BTR) properties are relatively new on the housing scene, and they refer to purpose-built housing designed

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rise in energy bills

Rise in energy bills – how do students deal with the increase?

The last few years have put students under financial pressure and this latest rise in energy bills is yet another

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house share

House share, what are the advantages

If you’re a student then the chances are you’ve considered a house share and seen the advantages. Moving away from

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holiday lets

Holiday lets – are they the new investment for landlords?

Since the pandemic holiday lets have been a new source of investments for landlords according to the Suffolk building society.

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