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desk accessories

Desk accessories for students

Creating a comfortable and functional study space in your home is important and so is finding the right desk accessories. There are

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buy to let

Best buy to let hotspots in the UK

Buy to let properties in the UK continue to be popular for 2022 with both investors and ordinary folk looking

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tuition fees

Tuition fees – should they be cut?

As any student will know, tuition fees are the most talked about and debated topic of starting university. And, if

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new year resolution

New year resolution – new letting agent?

As the new year begins should you make a new year resolution to check your letting agent is being efficient?

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covid restrictions

New Covid restrictions – will Christmas be cancelled?

The UK has been uncertain what the new covid restrictions will be and if it would involve cancelling Christmas. However,

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Do Tenants and Landlords buy Christmas gifts?

When shopping for Christmas presents do tenants and landlords get each other presents? It might seem a little odd but

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plan B restrictions

Plan B Restrictions

This week Boris Johnson confirmed the UK is moving to tougher Plan B restrictions prior to the festive period. This

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covid19 omicron

Covid 19 omicron UK

The Covid 19 omicron variant was identified in South Africa and has since been detected in more than 20 countries.

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landlords guide to christmas

Landlords guide to Christmas

The Christmas period can have its challenges for landlords, with tenants spending lots of time away from home. This is

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Airbnb over traditional landlords?

Airbnb is starting to compete with traditional landlords, but do they pose a real threat? Judging by recent policies released

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