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When can a UK landlord increase rent

In the UK, the ability of a landlord to increase rent is regulated by the law and the terms of

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uk student visa application

Student UK visa application

A student UK visa application is a formal request made by individuals seeking to study in the UK. Here in

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Student Protests

In recent years, student protests have emerged as a powerful catalyst for change, igniting a wave of social activism and

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Why do students get into debt?

In the UK, students often find themselves burdened with debt due to a variety of factors. Let’s explore some of

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air B and B

Air B&B clampdown in the UK

In recent years, the popularity of Airbnb has skyrocketed, offering a platform for individuals to rent out their homes or

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Tenant issues with rental properties

These are lots of issues tenants face, and these are some of the most common ones… Maintenance issues One of

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uk house prices

Housing market in the UK

In recent years, the UK housing market has been turbulent to say the least. However, like any market, it is

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Why landlords choose to use letting agencies in the UK

Landlords in the UK choose to use letting agencies for a variety of reasons. For most landlords using a letting

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student loan

Student loans 2023

In the UK, student loans are a form of financial assistance provided to students who are looking to move into

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how to become a landlord uk

How to become a landlord in the UK

Becoming a landlord in the UK can be a profitable investment, but it also requires knowledge of the legal and

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