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Students: The Do’s and Don’ts

As a tenant in the UK, there are certain things that you should do, and certain things that you should

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Rental markets – what’s happening now?

With record average rent rises do renters face more surges as the cost of living crisis continues to hit households?

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Are landlords leaving the rental market?

It’s a pretty somber scene in the UK amidst the current economic crisis, but what are landlords doing to protect

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energy rebate

£400 Energy rebate – will renters receive the money?

The government’s £400 energy rebate plan is about to kick in, but will renters actually get to see any of

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google search tips

Google search tips for students 2022

Google is the fountain of online knowledge – so we’ve researched the Top Google search tips for students in 2022.

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MTD for landlords – everything you need to know

What is MTD for landlords? MTD stands for Making Tax Digital, a plan that came into effect back in 2019.

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Letting legislation

Letting legislation – what is it?

The letting legislation governs the rules that landlords must adhere to; however, these rules are a forever moving target. It

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student mental health

Student mental health matters

Since the pandemic, student mental health has been a priority across the UK with a whole host of support from

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cost of living package

Cost of living package – who will benefit?

In the last few months energy prices have soared at an exceptional rate resulting in rishi sunak announcing a cost-of-living

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studying abroad

Studying abroad

Studying abroad can open up new opportunities and experiences that you might not get in the UK. The appeal is

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