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Best buy to let hotspots in the UK

The UK property market offers many opportunities for buy-to-let investments, but the best areas to invest in can vary depending

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uk landlords

Why become a UK landlord?

Being a landlord in the UK can offer several benefits, including the potential for a steady stream of income from

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Tips for spending Christmas at university campus

When it comes to celebrating Christmas not everyone gets to travel home and spend it with loved ones. So, if

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New study environments for students

After years of online learning and hours of working from tiny rooms within our homes, a new study environment could

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Rishi Sunak PM – what does this mean for landlords?

After a turbulent time within the UK government Rishi Sunak is now settling into his post, but what does this

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student essentials 2022

Top student Essentials September 2022

When it comes to starting University, it can be daunting to know what you need. That’s why we’ve put together

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tuition fees

Tuition fees – should they be cut?

As any student will know, tuition fees are the most talked about and debated topic of starting university. And, if

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Freshers week – could this see a soar in Covid cases?

Freshers week is the highest priority on the social calendar for new students, but will this year look any different

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student vaccines

Student vaccines – get rich quick scheme?

The UK government have been pushing student vaccines as a priority as the return to studying is looming in September.

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student vaccination

Non-vaccinated students could face ban

Boris Johnson is pushing new plans to ensure only fully vaccinated students get to attend lectures or stay in halls.

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